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Here is the Show Archive since Matt 'Moondog' Schlaikjer coined the phrase 'Tony the Bookie' and a 'questionable' Legend was born...

01/27/18 - Oak Bluffs Public Library / (Oak Bluffs, MA) DRAWINGS + SONGS III (Rosemary Confalone) w/Jellybone Rivers & Nina Violet (solo)

12/22/17 - Oak Bluffs Public Library / (Oak Bluffs, MA) DRAWINGS + SONGS II (Rosemary Confalone) w/Chris Brokaw, Kahoots & Killer Limited (solo)

08/12/17 - Katharine Cornell Theatre / (Vineyard Haven, MA) DRAWINGS + SONGS (Rosemary Confalone) w/Kahoots & Noah Maxner (solo)

07/20/13 - Plough & Stars / (Cambridge, MA) w/Colin Ruel Band (w/orchestra) & (solo)

03/01/13 - Chilmark Tavern / (Chilmark, MA) w/Rob Myers, Adam Howell, Shawn Barber and Ted Perry (solo)

07/28/12 - Starlab / (Somerville, MA) STARLABFEST (solo)

05/14/12 - Precinct / (Somerville, MA) w/Trusty Sidekick (w/orchestra)

02/25/12 - P.A.'s Lounge / (Somerville, MA) w/Boy King Island, Warbles & Chris North Dream Quartet (w/orchestra)

02/06/12 - ZuZu / (Cambridge, MA) w/Rumors of a Strange Universe & Quarterly (w/orchestra)

11/17/11 - Arts Block Cafe / (Greenfield, MA) w/SEX WAR & Starfawn (solo)

09/27/11 - Northeastern University Afterhours / (Boston, MA) w/Ryan Lee Crosby (solo)

09/16/11 - TT the Bear's / (Cambridge, MA) w/Roy Sludge Trio, Movers & Shakers + Unholy Three (w/orchestra)

07/17/11 - The Elevens / (Northampton, MA) w/Boy Without God, Homebody + Shira E. (solo)

06/25/11 - Mocha Maya's / (Shelburne Falls, MA) w/Salvation Alley String Band (solo)

05/19/11 - Plough & Stars / (Cambridge, MA) Movers & Shakers Residency (w/orchestra)

05/14/11 - Shelburne Falls Loft / (Shelburne Falls, MA) ROSIE'S GRADUATION PARTY w/Kahoots, Hands & Knees, BRAM STROKKER (w/orchestra & Tomcat Duo)

04/30/11 - P.A.'s Lounge / (Somerville, MA) TOM WAITS TRIBUTE w/an Array of Acts (Tony & Patrick Tomcat Duo)

04/23/11 - AfterHours -Northeastern University Campus- / (Boston, MA) w/Medicine Ball + Animal Hospital (w/orchestra)

04/06/11 - P.A.'s Lounge / (Somerville, MA) w/Young & Old + Roommate (solo)

04/02/11 - The Iron Horse / (Northampton, MA) w/Mean Creek + Doomstar! (w/orchestra)

04/01/11 - 201 / (Providence, MA) w/Many Acts! TOM WAITS TRIBUTE (w/Tomcat Combo [Patrick & Tony])

03/31/11 - Obriens Pub / (Allston, MA) w/Piles + Hangman's Alphabet + Tristan Da Cunha* (w/orchestra)*TDC canceled

03/25/11 - The Armory / (Somerville, MA) Greening the City Gala (w/orchestra)

03/14/11 - ZUZU /(Cambridge, MA) w/Sodafrog (w/orchestra)

03/12/11 - Flywheel / (Easthampton, MA) w/Paper Piano + Mountain Movers (w/orchestra)

03/10/11 - Southpaw / (Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY) w/Luba Dvorak and The Banned + Bel Air (w/orchestra)

02/26/11 - Rendezvous / (Turners Falls, MA) w/Union Square Round Table (solo)

02/17/11 - Sierra Grille / (Northampton, MA) w/Ryan Lee Crosby, Mr. Sister + Lion Cub (solo)

02/09/11 - Flywheel / (Easthampton, MA) w/Hush Arbors, Jason Ajemian + Ruber Leather (solo)

12/17/10 - P.A.'s Lounge / (Somerville, MA) HOLIDAY SHOW w/Travels, Hands & Knees + JD & Friends (w/orchestra)

12/02/10 - Sierra Grille / (Northampton, MA) w/Hands & Knees + Whistle Jacket (w/orchestra)

11/06/10 - Rosebud Bar / (Somerville, MA) w/Slim Jim & The Mad Cows + A Confederacy of Dumpsters (w/orchestra)

10/15/10 - The Elevens / (Northampton, MA) w/Impossible Hair, Whistle Jacket + Paper Piano (solo)

09/23/10 - The Elevens / (Northampton, MA) w/Rubber Leather + Tarp (solo)

09/04/10 - The Montague Bookmill / (Montague< MA) w/Jason Bourgeois (solo)

08/05/10 - City Feed & Supply / (Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA) w/Mr Sister (w/orchestra)

07/17/10 - ARTBEAT FESTIVAL / (Davis Square/Somerville, MA) w/Nina Violet, Hands&Knees and others... (w/orchestra)

06/24/10 - Rosebud (Somerville, MA) (Solo Show) + Bass with Ryan Lee Crosby

06/04/10 - The Iron Horse (Northampton, MA) w/Marah (w/orchestra)

05/08/10 - Rosebud (Somerville, MA) w/Kahoots (Martha's Vineyard) (w/orchestra)

04/26/10 - ZuZu (Cambridge, MA) w/Mike Fiore & Caw!Caw! (Chicago) (Solo Show)

04/22/10 - The Iron Horse (Northampton, MA) w/Apollo Sunshine (w/orchestra)

04/16/10 - The Precinct Bar (Somerville, MA) w/Science & the Resurrectionists (w/Orchestra)

04/10/10 - P.A.'s Lounge (Somerville, MA) (BENEFIT SHOW/Special Johnny Cash set on the Party Stage!)(w/Aaron, Nick and Eric)

04/09/10 - The Elevens (Northampton, MA) (Johnny Cash Tribute/Prison Books Benefit)(w/Aaron, Nick and Eric)

03/28/10 - Middle East Downstairs (Cambridge, MA) (Maia McDermott Memorial Concert) (w/orchestra)

03/14/10 - The Rosebud (Somerville, MA) w/The David Hinckley Trio and Harmolodics! (w/orchestra (Joe on Drums no Eric)

3/13/10 - Rendezvous (Turners Falls, MA) (Nuggets Tribute Set) (Tony, Justin, Max and Nestor)

3/14/10 - Rosebud Bar (Somerville, MA0 w/The David Hinckley Trio and Harmolodics (Tony, Elio, Patrick and Joe)

2/08/10 - ZuZu (Cambridge, MA) w/Colin Ruel & The I.O.A.. (Tony & Eric w/Elio)

2/07/10 - Bruar Falls (Brooklyn, NY) w/Colin Ruel & Willy Mason (Tony & Eric Duo)

2/06/10 - New York, NY Local 269 (New York, NY) w/Colin Ruel & some other bands... (Tony & Eric Duo)

1/31/10 - The Rosebud Bar (Somerville, MA) w/Sodafrog. (w/orchestra)

12/19/2009 - P.A.'s Lounge (Somerville, MA) P.A.'s Holiday Show w/Pants Yell!, Wallcreeper, Sodafrog and JD. (w/Orchestra)

12/06/2009 - WAAF 107.3 FM (Boston, MA) Live Radio Broadcast. (Tony Solo)

11/24/2009 - Great Scott (Allston, MA) w/Headband, Evil Bill and Man Alive. (w/Orchestra)

11/05/2009 - T.T. the Bears (Cambridge, MA) w/White Buffalo, Adrien and the Fine Print, Adrew Vladeck. (w/Orchestra)

10/11/2009 - Middle East Upstairs (Cambridge, MA) w/Trampled by Turtles and Poverty Line Old Time Band. (w/Orchestra)

9/5/2009 - P.A.'s Lounge (Somerville, MA) RELEASE SHOW #2 for "Tony the Bookie Presents... The Tony the Bookie Orchestra!" w/Thick Shakes and Indian Style. (w/Orchestra)

9/4/2009 - Elevens (Northampton, MA) RELEASE SHOW #1 for "Tony the Bookie Presents... The Tony the Bookie Orchestra!" w/Drug Rug and Hands & Knees. (w/Orchestra)

8/17/2009 - ZuZu (Cambridge, MA) Listening Party for "Tony the Bookie Presents... The Tony the Bookie Orchestra!" w/Solo Sets by Everyone in the Orchestra!

8/7/2009 - Wellfleet Beachcomber (Wellfleet, MA) w/Drug Rug. (w/Orchestra)

8/6/2009 - Great Scott (Allston, MA) w/Woods and Skygreen Leopards. (w/Orchestra)

7/10/2009 - Elevens (Northampton, MA) w/9 other Acts. (w/Orchestra)

6/21/2009 - The Midway (Jamaica Plain, MA) w/The Theater Fire, Robert Gomez Trio, Old New England Weather, Ryan Lee Crosby and Brett Saiia. (w/Orchestra)

6/14/2009 - Katherine Cornell Theater (Vineyard Haven, MA) w/Colin Ruel, Adam Howl, Jemima James, Constant Smiles, Chris Menne and Rob Meyers. (w/Orchestra)

5/25/2009 - ZuZu (Cambridge, MA) w/Ryan Lee Crosby and Raymond Morin. (Tony, Patrick and Elio Trio)

5/16/2009 - P.A.'s Lounge (Somerville, MA) (FRANK BLACK TRIBUTE SHOW) (Tony, Nick and Patrick Trio)

4/27/2009 - Charlies Kitchen (Cambridge, MA) w/BRAM STROKKER/Patrick Grenham of Keys to the Streets of Fear. (w/Orchestra)

4/11/2009 - P.A.'s Lounge w/Southeast Engine, Coyote Kolb and Old New England Weather. (w/Orchestra)

3/07/2009 - T.T. The Bear's (Cambridge, MA) w/Hallelujah the Hills, Keys to the Streets of Fear and Mr. Sister. (w/Orchestra)

12/08/2008 09:00 PM - P.A.'s Lounge w/Ryan Lee Crosby, M.G. Lederman and Mr. Sister. (w/Orchestra)

11/21/2008 08:00 PM - Private Event Medford Kiwanas (Medford, MA). (w/Orchestra)

11/10/2008 08:00 PM - Middle East Upstairs (Cambridge, MA) w/Holly Golightly, Delaney Davidson and Drug Rug. (End of Mystical Majesty Tour!) (w/Orchestra)

11/08/2008 09:00 PM - Scott & Phil's (Shelburne Falls, MA) w/Hands and Knees & Rabbit Rabbit. (w/Orchestra)

11/07/2008 09:00 PM - Bard College (Annandale-on-Hudson, NY) w/Hands and Knees & The End of the World. (w/Orchestra)

11/06/2008 09:00 PM - Sierra Grille (Northampton, MA) w/Hands and Knees. (w/Orchestra) (Beginning of Mystical Majesty Tour!)

10/23/2008 09:00 PM - P.A.'s Lounge (Somerville, MA) w/Tristan Da Cunha, Meanings, Dead Rambler & Sal Ammoniac. (Duo/Tony&Eric)

10/11/2008 09:00 PM - T.T. the Bear's (Cambridge, MA) w/Slim Cessna's Auto Club, Girls Guns and Glory and Cory Branan. (w/Orchestra)

09/25/2008 - Plough & Stars (Cambridge, MA) w/Drug Rug (September Residency) (BEATLES NIGHT) (w/Orchestra)

09/19/2008 - Che's Lounge (Vineyard Haven, MA) w/Sam Bungee and Rob Meyers of Kahoots (Martha's Vineyard) (solo)

09/18/2008 - Plough & Stars (Cambridge, MA) w/Chorus of Arrows (September Residency) (w/Orchestra)

09/11/2008 - Plough & Stars (Cambridge, MA) w/Muy Cansado (September Residency) (w/Orchestra)

09/04/2008 - Plough & Stars (Cambridge, MA) w/Ryan Lee Crosby (September Residency) (w/Orchestra)

08/23/2008 - The Wellfleet Beachcomber (Wellfleet, MA) w/Drug Rug and The Subjects. (w/Tony, Eric & Nick Trio)

08/19/2008 - WMBR 88.1 FM PIPELINE! (Cambridge, MA) (Live Radio Broadcast) (w/Orchestra)

08/17/2008 - Toad (Cambridge, MA) w/Mr. Sister, Mike Fiore, Ryan Lee Crosb.y (w/Orchestra)

07/28/2008 - ZuZu (Cambridge, MA) w/Ryan Lee Crosby and Dave Godowsky. (Solo Set)

07/18/2008 - P.A.'s Lounge (Somerville, MA) w/Self Righteous Brothers/The King's Cattle/Mr. Sister. (w/Orchestra )

06/21/2008 - P.A.'s Lounge (Somerville, MA) w/B.J. Snowden, Joe Finkel and Harlem Globetrotters. (Solo)

05/31/2008 - T.T. The Bears (Cambridge, MA) w/Slim Cessna's Auto Club/Dirty Truckers/Wrong Reasons. (w/Orchestra)

??/??/08 - Secret Show @ The Soul Shop (Medford, MA) Somewhere in There...

05/09/2008 - P.A.'s Lounge (Somerville, MA) BandINBoston Donor Awareness Benefit w/Drug Rug + George Lewis Jr. + Chris Warren & Friends + Carter Tanton. (w/Orchestra)

05/03/2008 - 'BROKEN HEARTS OF CHRIST' @ The Nave Gallery (Clarendon Hill Presbyterian Church) (Somerville, MA) (w/Special Gospel Orchestra w/Mike Fiore, Amelia Emmett, David Hinkley and Joe O'brien)

4/28/2008 - ZuZu (Cambridge, MA) w/Night Trees, DOODZ and Dj King Egg. (Solo)

3/24/2008 - ZuZu (Cambridge, MA) w/Elizabeth Butters & David Goligorsky + The Simon Brothers. (Solo)

3/8/2008 - Sari's House (Jamaica Plain, MA) w/Andy Menudo, Ryan Lee Crosby, The Passengers Will Please Refrain & Old Green Eyes. (Solo)

2/17/2008 - Great Scott (Allston, MA) w/Drug Rug, Keys to the Streets of Fear and Wonderful Spells. (w/Orchestra)

2/2/2008 - Church (Boston, MA) w/Jonathan Kane and Shepherdess. "Presented by the Critique of Pure Reason". (w/Orchestra)

12/21/2007 - P.A.'s Lounge (Somerville, MA) w/Tristan Da Cunha, Paper Thin Stages, The Brothers DeGeorge, the Merry SaXmas Choir, The Outfielders and Night Trees. (Solo)

12/20/2007 - Obrien's Pub (Allston, MA) w/M.G. Lederman, Mr. Sister & Hands and Knees. (w/Orchestra)

12/08/2007 - P.A.'s Lounge (Somerville, MA) w/Ketman, Tulsa and Guillermo Sexo. (w/Orchestra)

11/24/2007 - P.A.'s Lounge (Somerville, MA) w/Brown Bird & Wrong Reasons. (w/Orchestra)

10/26/2007 - The Middle East Upstairs (Cambridge, MA) w/Holly Golightly and the Broke-Offs & Bread and Roses. (w/Orchestra)

10/09/2007 - Middle East Corner (Cambridge, MA) w/Elizabeth Butters. (Solo)

09/23/2007 - Great Scott (Allston, MA) w/The Handsome Family & Frank Smith. (Tony & Eric Duo)

08/25/2007 Community Growing Center Vinal Ave. (Somerville, MA) Viva La Vinal Festival. (w/Orchestra)

08/18/2007 P.A.'s Lounge (Somerville, MA) (Daniel Johnston Tribute Show) (Solo)

08/02/2007 Great Scott (Allston, MA) -Tristan Da Cunha CD Release Show w/Neptune, Ms. Dominica K., Clawjob, Andrew Wagner and Martin Gordon. (w/Orchestra)

07/18/2007 P.A.'s Lounge (Somerville, MA) (BandINBoston Residency!) w/Girls Guns & Glory, The Gulf, Stephen Brodsky (w/Orchestra)

06/26/2007 P.A.'s Lounge (Somerville, MA) w/Pearlene & Elizabeth Butters. (w/Orchestra)

06/09/2007 P.A.'s Lounge (Somerville, MA) w/Ara Vora & Scuba. (w/Orchestra)

05/05/2007 Band in Boston Podcast (Somerville, MA). (w/Orchestra)

04/11/2007 P.A.'s Lounge (Somerville, MA) w/Greg Ashley's Medicine Fuck Dream + Appletown Gun Shop. (w/Orchestra)

03/13/2007 P.A.'s Lounge (Somerville, MA) w/B.J. Snowden & Pwrfl Power. (Trio w/Tommy & Eric)

02/05/2007 P.A.'s Lounge (Somerville, MA) - (,Beats on the Streets' Residency) (w/Orchestra) CANCELLED. This was supposed to be The Tony the Bookie Orchestra's first show... Our pals Drug Rug filled in for Us, Brought the Magic and got a Record Deal out of it!

12/22/2006 P.A.'s Lounge (Somerville, MA) - (P.A.'s Holiday Party) w/Headband, Drug Rug, Gondoliers and B. J. Snowden. (Solo & with the Drug Rug/Indian Style Choir)

11/11/2006 P.A.'s Lounge (Somerville, MA) - (Guided By Voices Tribute Show) (Solo)

03/10/2006 P.A.'s Lounge (Somerville, MA) - (Jonathan Richman Tribute Show) (Solo)

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